Which baseballs are good to practice with?

Which baseballs are good for game use?

Age group is 14U.


Practice balls can be of any type. If you are looking to pick up a fresh set of balls for practices, look for Diamond, Wilson, or Rawlings brand baseballs.

As for game balls, different leagues and organizations use different brands based on their rules and bylaws. Seeing as you are working with 14U and they are either in high school or on the verge of high school, I would try to practice and play with high school regulation baseballs. Not sure which model that would be for Rawlings, but I believe Diamond’s is a D1 and Wilson’s is the A1010.

Whatever you decide on for game balls, I would try to practice with the same type or most similar type so your players are used to them.

I’m still a big fan of Diamonds - they’ve got big seams for us pitchers :slight_smile: However, I’d encourage you to also find out what ball your league is using and try to find a close substitute that’s also cost effective. There’s nothing worse than practicing with a ball that has huge seams (like Diamond) and then pitching with Rawlings or some other ball that doesn’t have as big a seams.

I agree with Steven, I think Diamond still produces the best youth baseball around.

Personally I think the seams on the Diamond Balls are just a little high, I seem to get sore fingertips quicker with those than any other ball, I know the old school stuff to soak your fingers in pickle juice and I don’t think it helps!

How are the Rolbx1 baseball? DOL-A?