I coach a high school baseball team and I was wondering what baseballs were good to buy for games? I don’t want to buy cheap baseballs but I don’t want to buy baseballs that are really expensive.

Can you please provide me with some links or information on what kind of baseballs I can buy that are decent in price? We don’t have a big budget.

Thank You

As a high school pitcher my favorite are the Rawlings R100. Also the Wilson A1010 Pro baseballs. They both have good seams which is most important to me.

Diamond D1-iX3 or D1-PRO®

The DOL-A and D1-NFHS are the ones we use

good baseballs right here

[quote=“R H P22”]

The DOL-A and D1-NFHS are the ones we use[/quote]

Although we don’t specificly use these ones I really love the baseball’s made by diamond.
They have a good grip and, man, what are those seams nice!

I’m a fan of Diamonds and Pronines they have good grips, good seams and all that good stuff.

I do like when I’m pitching with a Wilson A1010 because the seams are so huge and raised on them that my knuck becomes even better.

Those Diamonds have awesome seams … we used Wilson in college. Rawlings in pro ball…


good baseballs right here[/quote]

This is what the Big East, Northeast Conference and A10 use.

Can’t go wrong with the Diamonds. It appears you already got the best advice as I’m a huge fan. I buy about 5 dozen of these every year; they seem to last and are perfect for my pitchers. I just went to MVP sports in spanish Fork Utah who have them for $30 even a dozen. Best deal i’ve seen on them; I believe you can order them directly from them online.

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