Baseballer11's Quest For Excellence

I’m going to keep this log through out my off season and possibly in-season games, to track my progress. I’m going to be doing my school workout and in between some of the tuffcuff book until the season when I will really pick the tuffcuff portion up. My supplements that I’m taking include:
Pyncnogenol- Good for natural HGH production, and good for my skin( I have eczema :x :cry: :evil: )

Billberry- Antioxidant, good for vision

pH Balance Formula- Balance out my body’s pH for optimal health

MuscleMilk Chocolate- Recovery shake, good for many things(self explanatory)

O yea I better state that I’m a 5’9.5" 139 lb. sophomore working to start for varsity this upcoming season.

Today was our first school workout which I will have every Mon. Wed. Fri.

Today We jogged around the soccer field then did our dynamic stretching
After that we did some form running then we threw and did some long toss. Then we caught fly balls. Next, we did my favorite part, 8 100 yard sprints while the last one we sprinted all the way down and then immediately back- BACKWARDS, which set my legs on fire.

Last we went up to the weight room
2x12 of everything

Leg extension and Leg curls



Incline Press

Back Rows

Bicep Curls

Triceps press

Forearm curls

Forward and sideways arm raises


4x25 crunches and then, until fatigued, Push-up pyramid with arm raises
i reached 7 which isn’t bad considering it was the most out of my group.

Overall today was a good but tough first day. Overall I’d rate the day a 7.5 .

tomorrow I will do a portion of the tuffcuff workout.

:slight_smile: 7.5

I’ve decided to just do the tuffcuff workouts on the same days as my school workouts because of muscle soreness and I just thought it would be better for me anyway. So I will have my school workout tomorrow but I will start my tuffcuff workouts on Monday.

Today our workout went well considering I was still sore from Monday’s workout. We jogged around our track for 20 minutes straight. I was able to run 11 laps while the average for that amount of time is 10 laps. So I did pretty well with the running part. Then we went in and did our same lifting routine. I was sore but able to go up 5 pounds in mostly every exercise. While we were lifting we went and hit in the cage in groups. I did ok my first round considering I haven’t hit off of live pitching in about a month. On top of that our coach has a natural tail to his fastball so I had to get used to that, we also used a wood bat. The second round I was locked in and did well. Overall I’d rate today another 7.5. I drank one MuscleMilk shake already and I will drink another before bed. My next workout will be on Friday.

Today’s Workout was probably the toughest so far. We threw long toss then we did some agility cone drills similar to what’s in the tuffcuff program. After that we went and ran stadium stairs. The worst part about them was coming down the steps because they are small steps and we had to hit every one of them. Then it was off to the weight room to do our lifting workout. I’ve noticed some increase in stamina and some strength increase already. It’s not much maybe 2-4 reps more then what I can normally do. If I can keep increasing like this consistently, I will be happy.

I’ve decided to start posting my diet and see what people think about it so here it is:

Breakfast: Two pieces of toast with a “dippy egg”, Glass of OJ and a banana(I forgot to take my vitamins because I was in a hurry so I took them along with my normal vitamins with dinner).

Mid-Morning snack (sneaking it during class): Lunch bag of Mini Wheats

Lunch: Pizza, orange, and milk

Post-Workout: MuscleMilk (Stuff is great)

Dinner: Pot Roast, mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts, and milk. Along with my mega-mens multi-vitamin, pyncnogenol, and Billberry

Snack: I will probably have a banana with my pH pills

Before Bed: Another MuscleMilk Shake

So that includes my post for the day, I will be posting again on Monday when I will be starting the TuffCuff program along with my school workout.

tiredness afterwards-7

Today at my school workout we ran 8 100 yd. sprints and threw long toss. I felt pretty good throwing mostly everything was on a line. Then we went a did our lifting routine adding some power cleans. Overall I felt good but I was a little sore I don’t know why though since I haven’t lifted since Friday. I don’t know. When I got home I started the tuffcuff program and did that. Compared to our school workout it’s a walk in the park but I’m sure it will get tougher when I move into the other phases. I think the plyometrics are going to really help.

As for my diet I had oatmeal for breakfast, mini wheats for a snack, chicken and tots for lunch with milk. then I had a tomato sandwich and beef veggie soup for dinner. Overall I had a pretty good day. On my off day tomorrow I think my dad and I are going to go hit some. I will post to tell you how that goes. Actually we went last night and ever since I started studying the pro swings I have had more power. So hopefully that will continue tomorrow.