Baseball Workout

Hey guys hows it going. I am a 16 year old baseball pitcher i turn 17 in june. I have been playing baseball since i was 5 years old. I have been training really intense for baseball for the past 2 years and want to make it to the college level and maybe the major league level.

I currently throw 78-80mph.(i am a sophmore in high school) We have a 100 dollar radar gun and i really think that i throw way harder than that. Just for the simple reason that sometimes on the gun it says i am throwing 86mph.

Here is my baseball workout for the inseason. Can you guys comment and make suggestions and tips on my workout plan. please and thank you.

Monday- 3-4mile run, sprints, ab workout, leg strengthening, back workout

Tuesday- long toss, sprints, ab workout, (bullpen 30-50 pitches)

Wednesday- 3-4mile run, ab workout, shoulder strenghtening

Thursday- long toss, sprints, ab workout( bullpen 30-50 pitches)

Friday- rotator cuff strengthening, pitching mechanics,(light bull pen 15-20 pitches)

Saturday- Start(100 pitches)
Sunday- Continue our tournmanet play.

Could you post the exercises you are doing because i am looking to start working out and you should just rent a good radar gun for like an hour and have your dad clock you

hey the exercises i do for my abs are:

russian twists with medicine ball
bicyle curls
leg lifts
a combination of of a crunch and leg lift

Rotator cuff exercises:

i do 3 common exercises i don’t know what they are called though.

Leg strengthening- I lift my brother on my back and squat him, and i do standing calf raises as well. my brother weighs 170 pounds(also my legs are like tree trunks, they are pretty big)

I do long toss twice a week as well as 30-50 bullpen, focusing soly on location and good break on my offspeed stuff.

Thats what i do.

Also do you know any exercises to strengthen your elbow. cause when i pitch sometimes my elbow hurts. Thats about it.

i throw 78-80mph and topped out at 86mph although i am pretty sure my radar gun is off.

Also i live in Canada which means that it snows till about end of march. I did some work at our local diamond. But like yesterday it snowed 2 feet so now i can’t do my bull pen for today. I also have no access to a gym right now, but i know the principle at my school and he might let me use it.

Anyways i focus on increasing my velocity during the inseason. Just cause i can’t do anything other than strength training in the offseason.

So ya. How can i increase my pitching velocity in the offseason as well as increase it in the inseason as well. Also i stated all my exercises as well. [/quote]