Baseball velocity

Hello, I am a 14 year old baseball player that only played for three seasons (a year and a half)
I always wanted to pitch, but you know i always got stuck in playing second or OF.
The highest velocity i ever reached was probably 60, and boy am I’m embarrased to say that haha. Especially with people throwing 70+ at my age.
I just LOVE LOVE side arm, I don’t always get the fuss with people saying it ruins your arm.
When I was in Japan, my coach taught me that it hurts less because it’s a compact motion.
I want to throw faster, do you think I can get any results from practicing soon?
Also does just throwing the ball make your arm stronger? Or am I required to lift weights

Throwing the baseball will definitely make your arm stronger. Long toss is key for a strong arm. I was at 60 at the beginning of the fall off-season (2016) and I’m hitting 70+ on a regular basis now. The Jaeger throwing program was incredible for me. Get yourself a pair of J-Bands too, and do them EVERY day. Lifting would help your velo, but bodyweight exercises are also great especially if you don’t have gym access like many people. Pushups, pullups, situps, etc. I would recommend alternating distance running days and sprint days (suicides are good for explosive power) as well. For lower body, do squats, squat jumps, lunges, and for core, planks are really good, if you do 60seconds each regular, left side, right side planks every day you’ll be set (I have no idea what your fitness level is but you might want to go for two sets of the planks, six minutes total of planks a day). Good luck!