Baseball Tryouts

My high school’s baseball tryouts are this Monday(1-15-07). You put down 2 positions to tryout for, your primary position, and your secondary. i was planning on putting 2nd base as my primary, and pitching as my secondary, but ever since I’ve started feeling pain when I pitch, I don’t know if I should put pitching down anymore. Should I rest tomorrow(1-14-07) and see how it is on Monday? Or should I just not risk it and go with another position?

Certainly don’t do anything to hurt yourself. You may want to do some light toss but nothing to intense. But when it comes down to it, its up to you. You know yourself, and the pain from pitching better than anyone here. Just curious how old are you?

if you have pain dont throw tell coach that you have some pain and dont want to hurt yourself.

yeah i would do what ristar says, if you do feel a lot of pain and think it will be there for a long time i wouldnt go out for pitching but if you think you can get it back to being normal than definately go out, its up to you though

just take 2 feilding positions and if you feel fine in the middle of the year just ask your coach to relief sometimes. it’s not like you couldn’t do that.

How committed are you to pitching? Do you like it so much that you want to put in the necessary time to one day be one of the top pitchers at your school? If you have pain now, it’s very possible that your mechanics are off … are you willing to seek the advice you need and put in dozens and dozens of hours correcting your mechanics?

If you really want to be a pitcher, you should speak to the coach and explain that your arm is in pain, and would rather not push it for a pitching tryout — that is a recipe for almost certain injury.

However, if you would be just as happy simply making the team as a position player, you may want to put down another position.

Either way, you may want to speak to your coach or find a good instructor to evaluate your throwing mechanics. Pain in your arm is often due to either doing too much throwing before you’re ready, or poor mechanics.

dont risk long term injury…what grade are you in???