Baseball Tryout Tips

Hi, I have baseball tryouts in a few weeks and have been working all summer and beyond preparing for it. However, any tips on how to preform my best in the mental side of things (I.E, dealing with anxiety etc)? Thanks

If you’ve been training then you should be able to feel confident for the tryout. Just trust yourself and don’t try to be someone you’re not. If there’s a radar gun present, obviously throw with max intent but don’t try to overdo it and throw harder than what you’re capable of. Finally, if you don’t end up making it, you gotta decide how much you love the game and if it’s worth continuing. I didn’t make the team freshman year but came back and made it this time around. Good luck with the tryout

"A man goes into a fish market and asks to see a nice cut of prime rib."

At first glance, one would say, “so?”

But think about this for a moment - something seems out of place here. By that I mean, this individual was lacking in some very basic information about the environment that he walked into.
So don’t make the same mistake with your tryout.

  1. know the organization at the league level…
    a. who are they?
    b. what exactly is the makeup of the league
    c. is this a league make up of “connections”, " do you have to know someone to be there?

2.) know the tryout process…
a. are there players that are returning “shoe-ins” guaranteed of a spot on the club?
b. do you know anyone already on the team?
c. how many older players will be judging the tryouts? (NOT GOOD)
d. what is your “gut” feel for how well organized your tryout will be?
e. have you seen any of the players play ball that will be attending his tryout?

As with the majority of amateurs attending a tryout, going in blind is 100% of the anxiety. So… don’t do it. Do your homework and prepare for what you about to walk into. Ask the questions that I mentioned above and go in knowing what your up against. If you don’t have the time to prepare yourself with information, at least you’ll have a full year to find out, next time., if you don’t make it.

Thank you so much for your adivce, I really appreciate it