Baseball tournament


This weekend is my first tournament with the team I coach (10-11). We play 3 games on Saturday (11:30am, 3:30pm and 7:15pm). If we make it to the semi finals that starts at 10am and if we make the finals that starts at 1 pm. now if we go all the way that’s 5 games in 2 days. I have 8 pitchers, 3 are really solid, 2 of them are ok, one bad game, one good game type of deal and the other 3 really need work. now our first game is against a ok team, 2nd game is against a so so team and the 3rd game is againt a good team. now if we make it to sunday, we will be playing 1 or 2 good teams. Just wondering how i should set this all up. i dont want to hurt any kids arm’s but it seems like I will have to use all 8 pitchers on sat and some of them on sunday. how should I go about on this.


It is axiomatic in tournament ball that you don’t hold back your pitching. What good will it do to “save” your pitching if you lose? My suggestion is to try not to be smarter than the room/over think it…go with the good stuff…see where it takes you, you may get to points where you can bring in the guys who just throw strikes but don’t dominate (Big leads etc.), but I say go with what got you to the dance and look for opportunities where you can save some of your arms with relief.
One other strategy is to work a really hard thrower and relieve with a kid that has a quirky motion or is noticably slower…but be careful that the kid throws strikes or is seasoned (?Don’t know how seasoned an 11 yr old can be) enough to deal with the late inning pressure.