Baseball things to do every day

is their anything that you can do every single day to become a better pitcher. I know for weights you have to weight every other day or a few days but ya.

I would really like to know drills or stuff that could help me become better. I know the big pitcher and how you are suppose to use your legs, core, and translate that into power.

But what about the little things such as drills. Anyone know any i could do every single day that would help with velocity. Want to hit 90mph by my senior year.

mirror work, band exercises, core, turn off xbox and play other sports (like basketball), visualize 90-mph before bed-when waking-etc.

Throw every day.
My pitching coach—and a lot of others—advocated throwing every day. He said that this was the best way to keep the arm loose and flexible and prevent injuries. I would alternate between just playing catch one day and doing a bullpen session the next; during the latter I would work on a new pitch, refine an existing one, or address some mechanical issue. And if I had to relieve between starts, like an inning or two late in the game, that constituted throwing every day. As a result, no sore arm or sore shoulder or sore anything else! :slight_smile:

mirror work helps SO much. I came off a 3 week camp where they kept emphasizing the importance of practicing mechanics in the mirror even 10 minutes a day, and I started doing that and am reaping the benefits much more quickly than if I only tried to replicate mechanics when I throw.

it lets you work on little things without the stress on your arm, and you can be in a controlled, stress-free environment to do it.

they said that the players who do the 10 min a day will separate themselves from the guys who dont, and quickly. and I’ve already seen benefit.

Good luck

I like throwing every day (bullpens at game intensity 2-3 times per week) as well as mirror work. The biggest bang for your buck is to videotape your bullpen sessions and really scrutinize your mechanics. If you don’t know what to look for regarding timing/sequence, get with an instructor who does. Work on your flaws, one at a time, during your bullpens and in the mirror until you have it fixed. Then move on to the the next flaw. Start from the beginning of your delivery and from the feet upward. You will make more improvements doing this than anything else you can come up with.

i do jobes about 5-6 times a week. with bands usually about 5-6 as well. i try to play some catch every day even if its just light throwing to keep the arm loose. i do lots of forearm curls when im just watching tv or something.

do som stuff in the mirror