Baseball terms

List any baseball terms and meanings here, try to list obscure ones!

For example, the pitcher’s mound is the bump, the hill, etc

This is a great book to add to your collection. It’s by Ryan Gray. Very well put together.

Here’s some baseball-speak for ya… A lot of stadiums that I’ve been at have been very small with outfied walls that you could just about spit over from the dugout! (not really) We call them BAND BOXES. These parks are usually made of wooden timbers and slats, concrete dugouts, two shower-head locker rooms, and when the lights come on you’re slap’n bugs all night! A lot of guys - from rookie ball on up, has paid their dues here, after a long bus ride. ( I’m sure Steven has some stories)

By the way SPENCER - this is an outstanding question !! It’s very important to learn the language of the game – very important. If you plan on making it in this sport, in addition to ability of course, learn the language! Why? well, when you speak the language of the coaches, scouts, recruiters, scorekeepers, umpires, interns and goffers, box office crew, etc… your talking THEIR language. So, you want to make a good impression – need I say more.(?)

Coach B.