Baseball stuff for Christmas

What baseball stuff are you guys asking for for Christmas? I’m asking for the Oakley Radars and a new glove.

don’t really need any thing, but I’m asking for another oakley lens…

I want a lens and hat.

From my team I’ll get a glove, shoes, clothes, etc but I’ll have to pay some money.

I generally don’t ask for anything and I haven’t yet

new glove,weighted baseball,TUFFCUFF,bat donut,little 5LB dumpbells

Just one? Not the entire set? Don’t forget proper instruction to go along with that weighted baseball so that you don’t do more harm then good.

ok thanks

I’d be interested in seeing you do a weighted baseball program or a long toss program since you are now a submariner.

How would you do a LT program? What arm slot would you use?

I think that’d be really interesting to observe.

i already picked out a glove, came today, but cant see it til christmas :lol:

i’ll be buying a ton of stuff the day after christmas when everything is on sale

im getting some cleats lol. cant decide on which ones though.

I really, really, really, really…you get the point…dislike weighted balls when kids are unsupervised and/or supervised by a stupid coach. (Which happens way too often.) I, for one, have never and will never touch a weighted ball(s). Be careful with those…