Baseball Stretches


My friend coaches a rep baseball team that is 10-11 years of age. What stretches should his team be doing so the players don’t get injuried? All stretches are good to know about.


Oh boy…this is going to start a big thread.

Most people will agree that warm-ups or “dynamic stretching” is most beneficial. The normal “static” stretches (toe touches, arm stretches) have been shown to actually decrease performance because you force the muscle to relax. So, the best stretching program would be jumping jacks, lunges, arm circles, high knees, and other related movements. You are looking to get the blood pumping and the muscles firing. That way the muscles are prepared to handle the strains of throwing and hitting.

(Now everyone else can bring up joint loosening and other debates) :roll:


Do you have any URL’s i can look at for stretches? Like I know he wants stretches for legs, arms, back, etc…

hope someone can help him out


Hi again,

He said that some of his players already have sore arms. Some in the shoulder, some in the bicep area and some in the elbow area. What should he do?

I agree.

For shoulder warmups, arm circles are really good. But, if you tell your friend to do all the warmups I already listed, he wont have a problem. It is simple stuff, just make sure that the kids do some dynamic movements then jog, BEFORE they throw the baseball.