Baseball stereotypes


There was a post similar to this but I thought I might add my own. Here are some common baseball stereotypes.

-Player coach
-Coaches pet
-Coaches son
-Mr. excuses
-Mr. injuries
-Kid who thinks he can pitch
-Pitcher who thinks he has 12 pitches including knuckleslurveball
-Kid who likes sitting the bench because it’s too hot/he’s too tired
-Get there 5 minutes before start of game kid
-Mr. accessories

There’s many more, you guys got any of those kids on your team? Any that aren’t listed?


Mr. Hustle (only when coach is watching)


A friend of Mr. Injury is "The Ball Magnet"
He gets more HBPs than anyone and when playing defense, the ball takes bad hops that always catch him in places where it will hurt the most.
Then there is “Bam Bam” or "Capt. Caveman"
He always slams his bat on the ground after striking out and unfortunately, he strikes out more than nearly everyone else.
"The Mooch"
He’s the guy who’s always spitting seeds, but never brings any to the game.
He’s usually the guy who sees your brand new Mako Torq bat under your bat bag and gets to use it before you do because he hits ahead of you in BP. When you look at the line up, he’s hitting one slot ahead of you, so you don’t even get to loosen up with your bat before going to the plate.
As soon as there’s a foul ball that goes out of play, the coach calls his name, and he automatically hops off the bench and fetches those stray baseballs to keep the costs down for his HS team. With enough training, Ol’ Yeller will instinctively hop off the bench without his owner…I mean coach…calling his name.
It’s easy to identify the "Coach’s Pet"
After fielding errors or strike outs, the coach will say things like, “Get 'em next time!” , “Get the next one.” or “Good effort.” or “Shake it off.” The problem is that he’s had 40 ‘next ones’ and is still starting!
"The Joker"
He’s the guy who puts one sunflower seed in all the finger tips of your batting gloves. He’s the guy who saturated the padding of your batting helmet with water just before you begin walking to the on deck circle and press it down on your head drenching yourself. He’s the guy who got to your spikes in the locker room before you did and hammered one of the spikes on your instep or inside heel so it laid flat against the bottom of the sole. He’s the guy who took a magnum Sharpie and wrote X-S in large block letters on the front of your jock strap. He’s the guy who put a layer of ben gay on the inside of your cup and made things really uncomfortable after you got a light sweat going.


Since our coach won’t tolerate slamming bats, etc, our Capt Caveman once attempted to bend his metal bat around his waist after striking out. One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen on the ball field.

The Ball Magnet is my son. He was HBP twice, hit by a pick-off attempt at 2nd, and hit in the back of the helmet when running from 3rd to home - all in one game.


I gotta try the sunflower seeds in the batting gloves


"Mr. Showcase"
The kid always talking about all the “elite” events he was invited to and all the college invites he has gotten…and is hitting .240 with zero pop in high school.
"The Exaggerator’
His last start he went threw a 5 hitter with 6 Ks, got squeezed on some though…that is the first telling of it, by the 4th time he is talking about it he tossed a 2 hitter with 10 Ks and no earned runs. Dude, I was there, you gave 6 hits and walked 4 in 4 innings.
"The Grinder"
Always letting everyone know how hard he is working…of course, all extra work away from practice…cause he doesn’t do squat in practice.


That’s like “Eyewash” – when a player looks good, but doesn’t get it done in games lol