Baseball Scholarships


How should I go about requesting a baseball scholarship for college baseball? I don’t want to seem like that’s my sole purpose in playing at the school.


Got to get coaches attention. If you haven’t established any relationships start reaching out now. They can’t offer if they don’t see you play so you’ve got to figure out a way to get in front of them.


Call them and tell them about yourself. That’s what I did. They came and saw me play and offered me and my teammate that day. That was 20 years ago but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work today as long as it’s not that far from the college to your school.


You are going to have to do some work. Twenty years ago you could probably call up a coach and have them come look at you… And that may still be true today like the other user said if the school is close to you.

But the way information gets sent now a lot of coaches are inundated with player profiles. Players send DVDs etc in hopes of getting noticed. So this is your first task. Create a one page baseball resume. You know contact information, current school info, baseball stats/experience and academic highlights. This is not football so a lot of schools don’t offer full ride scholarships for baseball. If you have good academics a coach can supplement a baseball scholarship with an academic one. Back on track, make a dvd with a brief introduction and clips of you working out showcasing different skills. You can throw in some game highlight video but keep that to a minimum. Keep the overall length just a few minutes long. Check out YouTube for examples.

Forgot to mention… Hopefully you have a major in mind so you want to focus on schools that offer the majors you are interested in.

So now if you have a $1000 laying around you can pay a recruiter to do the remaining legwork.

If not get the coaches information from the college website and send an email. Follow up by sending your video and player profile. Send your schedule and invite the coach to watch you play.

Now a lot of coaches vet players differently since visits of this sort are time consuming just to see one player. A lot of college programs offer camps during the offseason. Attending one of those will get you seen by the coach. Going to more than a couple can get expensive so reserve these for colleges high on your list. I live near Vanderbilt University and my son will probably go to their next camp. It will run close to $350… But it usually fills up within a week of the camp dates being announced.

Really want to get noticed? Join a travel team that focuses on exposure tournaments. These are tournaments where a large number of college coaches are invited for the weekend and they will watch teams play each other. These are not bracket type tournaments but just games played to showcase players. So if a college coach knows your are playing in such a tournament and he has your player profile and watched your video they may very well spend the time to watch you. This is how my daughter got a softball scholarship.

Be aware of NCAA rules since a college coach cannot contact you before a certain time. You also have to register on the NCAA website.

And one last thing… Know what division the school you would like to attend is in. Division I schools are where the scholarships are at. Div II and NAIA schools will pretty much just offer academic scholarships.

With softball, pitchers and catchers had the best chance at scholarship money followed by 1st and 3rd base, then SS and 2nd base, followed by outfielders. Baseball I think has a slight different priority where they look at SS and 2b above 1st and 3rd.

Good luck.

One last thing, start yesterday. With my daughter I never knew the process. I started helping her get seen in her junior year. She graduated in 2014. The large division I schools by then already had their rosters filled with freshman commitments. So for the top programs she would have really needed to start 2 years sooner.