Baseball Program Suspended over Hazing

I know this isn’t College Ball in the States, but I still think it’s something that should have attention brought to it.

Especially for those that are looking at playing in College.

Laurier University is a 4 year school in Waterloo, Ontario they have suspended their program for at least 4 games due to a Hazing incident that occurred off campus at a party.

Here’s the link

to the article.

All I have to say on the subject is: DON’T DO THE CRIME IF YOU CAN’T DO THE TIME. It doesn’t matter where the incident took place—Baltimore or Pipsqueak Corners—the problem has to be addressed and taken care of, and if the offending players lose their sports seasons, it serves them right for engaging in such reprehensible behavior. :shock:

Very interesting article. I use to play with Scott Ballantyne. I can’t say that I know much about hazing in general, never been involved with it, but it’s definitely an interesting topic to be brought up everywhere.

Several things about that article. First, the picture of the coach is a total d-bag picture. Clown picture bro. Second, almost always the hazing that gets reported goes into gay territory, not sure why, there are some seriously repressed messed up people out there. Thirdly, if the actions were so dehumanizing they couldnt describe them the offending players should be let go. Also, at 19 years old if someone was going to try something way over the line with me we would have to throw hands. Sorry, not going to accept it. Dont care if it was a senior or not. The mentality that makes older players feel they can get away with this is the same mentality that has younger players allowing it. Same mentality you see in the pathetic (please, please accept me and be my friend) frats.

Yeah there’s a lot of things that went down that really don’t make any sense.

I totally agree with you about the pic, I actually laughed when I saw it.

It is too bad that this garbage is going on to that nth degree.

I’m with you all the way Zita, it’s going to make the season play out very interestingly especially if they only suspend the team 4 games, they play a lot of double headers so basically 2 teams now get 2 free wins while the rest of the league has to fight it out. Will be very interesting to see how that all effects the play off picture.

I think if they are suspending the whole team 4 games they might as well just forfeit the whole season. Especially since the season might be 20 games max and they’ve already played 8.

Last year the University of Waterloo was involved in a steroids scandal for their Foot Ball team along with a couple other schools up here. Most of the schools suspended the player’s who popped positive, but Waterloo decided to suspend the entire program for a full year.

Zippa usually hazing isn’t that bad but it’s the whole one bad apple ruins the rest approach. Usually it’s something small like dress up as something dumb or drink a bunch of something in a short period of time, or sing in front of a bunch of random people. It’s all a way for the new guy’s to be “welcomed” in the team by the older returning players. But unfortunately some groups take it to the extreme.

Number one…if they don’t conduct a preliminary investigation, then how can they know that no criminal acts were committed.

Number two…just the university description alone gives rise to enough probable cause to look into the matter. The university is asking for civil liability problems unless they have a criminal investigator on staff who can claim no conflict of interest (doubtful). Or an outside agency with no bias handle the case (preferred).

Number three…the students that were “hazed” are in a compromised position due to team dynamics and scholarship (if there are any) concerns. Victim’s don’t have to “press charges” where I am from. They can be uncooperative and make prosecution difficult but it is the state that decides if they are a victim or not.

Number four…haven’t they heard about a little university in Pennsylvania that had a tiny problem with turning a blind eye toward despicable acts? Funny how academia is the first to advocate for progressive thinking but when it comes to their own turf, they are living in the dark ages just so they can protect their image.

Imagine if just one player later goes to the Waterloo Regional Police and claims he was a victim of felony sexual assault? Just plain ugly. The university is getting bad advice from someone. If nothing criminal happened, a criminal investigation should bear that out.

Well said Dino, thanks for sharing your input and advice in the matter, I was hoping to hear from you.

Good points Dino. I would think now, espcially in the light of all the coverage of the Penn State nightmare, organizations would go out their way to cross all their t’s…as a cya move if nothing else. As for things not changing in an institutional setting, this is not unique to academics. No place is this more evident than the police. Anytime you have an oganization large enough were people have perceived status or a real career in place the pressure to watchout and protect one another will kick in. If you turn in your boss, co worker, coach, teammate or administrator who is going to watch out for you if your name comes up one day for something. Add in the fact that many good people have been fired or forced out for doing the right thing and the tone is set. It is sad, but, I dont expect it to change much. When I am talking to friends of my sons who are considering places to go play (whether travel ball or colleges) I advise them, find ex players who played for the current coach and ask them how it really is. Some have gotten some very revealing answers that have helped inform their decisions. Sadly, a person going off to a school/team, most likely on their own for the first time, cant really count on coaches or administrators to have their best interest at heart. You have to be able to stand up for yourself and make your own decisions whether that is in regard to injury, the culture of the team or training.


In case people were wondering the total ramifications of what happened, here’s the link.