Baseball pitching mechanics





you open up to early and you need to be on a mound for use to analize your mechanics. You have ok mechanics you just need to lead with your hip more and try to stay closed a little more.

my aim is jay21328 if you want to tlk.

“you open up to early
you just need to lead with your hip more and try to stay closed a little more.”

I don’t get all that, but I like your arm slot. Are you having any particular issue or are you just looking for input?

what dont you get that he opens up early and that he needs to lead more with his hip?

I just wanted to know how to correct my mechanics and increase my velocity. I do agree on the opening up too early but how would I fix that? - lead with my hips more then rip down with my left arm, increase my stride,etc.?

I’m going to agree with RIstar about leading with the hip more. You have a very short stride and your momentum carries your body forward past your landing leg. That momentum of your centre of gravity that continues on past the front leg is energy that does not get transferred into the hips and trunk.

Focussing on building up sideways momentum, longer and extending and rotating the back leg into landing may help.

you need to be on a mound so we can see what your stride is and see what your real mechanics are ok. try to get video of mound if possible.

"what dont you get that he opens up early and that he needs to lead more with his hip? "

I have no interest in argueing with you. I don’t think I was unclear with what I said. DM agrees with you ok?
I don’t consider that he’s opening up too early, I slo-moed through it and re-looked, his approach isn’t bad at all. Now are there things that can help him increase his velocity? Possibly. His posture is balanced and his body is in control, his arm slot looks good. I’d possibly recommend instead of “stiff-legging” his lead foot in a circular manner al la Billy Wagner (Perhaps this is what you consider “opening up too soon”) he could up and down to the power position a little more in a linear fashion which as a by-product he’ll sync up his timing, as in at toe touch be in the power postion instead of hanging his foot. I would agree that off of a mound would be more beneficial. I don’t think he needs to do a whole lot of tighten it up though. Of course this is just my opinion.

for opening up too early, I use the chin to shoulder. Just keep that in the back of your mind


How do you “slo-mo” through a YouTube video? I’d love to know how to do that.

I see some “sit” in your delivery. At about the 3 second mark of the clip your center of gravity drops. This causes your momentum to be on a more vertical plane instead of horizontal (toward home). This is common in a lot of pitchers that are told they open up too early.
This is an example of; we don’t always see what we think we do.

Look at the clip of Mariano Rivera that is on one of the threads. If we put your clips and his next to each other we would see very different movements. When you sit down, he is projecting his front hip toward the plate. This will cause his shoulders to tilt back (throwing shoulder is lower than lead shoulder). This makes a “V” shape between his right oblique and right thigh. He is able to do this because he keeps the weight on the inside of his back foot and directs his knee toward the plate. You will notice that he rides his back leg toward release. This keeps his weight back and allows his back hip to rotate through release instead of pulling open. This is very easily confused with sitting unless you know what you’re looking for.

As funny as it sounds, check out the link:

It is a painting of a young pitcher, but shows all the points I just touched on. Weight on inside of foot, knee inside foot, projects the front hip, “V” shape between oblique and thigh, head and shoulders tilt back.

Good luck man!

so I just need to be kind of falling towards home in other words to lead with my hip

"How do you “slo-mo” through a YouTube video? I’d love to know how to do that. "

Well more of a stop action…I let it load all of the way and then pull through. It can be jerky but it is better than nothing.

I’ve noticed in pictures of pitchers, their arm whips back until the wrist to elbow bone is parellel with the ground. Mine doesn’t seem to do that. I also noticed that nolan ryan doesn’t really extend his pitching arm toward center or shows the ball to center. It looks a bit like he short arms the ball a little.

any suggestions or comments about that?

My pitching will be from the ground until I build a portable mound. My friend and I are going to try to pitch in a couple of days if the weather holds out and I’ll try all these suggestions and record them then post them on here. Plus I’m going to try to mimmick Mariano Rivera’s mechanics a little bit.

dont try to be perfect like mariano rivera. ok try to be yourself.

anyone know how to post pictures please tell me how i have about 30 pictures of my mechanics.thanks

I agree with this comment. I also agree with previous comments about the lack of tempo or momentum. If the pitcher got the hips going sooner/faster, the appearance of a “sit” would go away.

I’d add that the focus should not be on tilting the shoulders and leaning back - it should be on leading with the hips. The head and shoulders should stay behind the front hip into foot strike but should otherwise stay fairly upright. IMHO.