Baseball Pitching Concerns

My son is 14 years old and has pitched often this year and all through his baseball life. This year he has pitched very well with good control and velocity. But lately over the past week or so his velocity has dropped about 5 to 7 mph. He still has good control and says his arm feels great. Does he have tired arm issues? Should I shut him down for a while or let him pitch more limited innings? Should he go to a doctor for analysis? He has no pain and says his arm feels great but I have noticed a drop in velocity.

Does his velocity SEEM to have dropped or has the dropped been measured? No arm issues at all–other than the loss of velocity? Did he have a growth spurt? Has he changed anything significant in his mechanics recently?

If it’s measured, he’s probably fatigued and needs to miss at least a start and have his throwing limited during that time.
If the velocity doesn’t come back after that, then it’s perhaps time give him for 2-3 weeks away from pitching then see what you’ve got.