Baseball Pants

Which pants are better of the two?
100% polyester double knit weight or 100% polyester warp knit?

What’s the different between the two?

Any sites that sell heavy weight pants?

100% polyester double knit
is a heavy fabric, often used for baseball pants and jerseys.


Is that better than warp knit? What is warp knit?

Double knitting creates a reversible, two- layer, double-thick fabric.
Double knitting is a form of knitting in which two fabrics are knit simultaneously with two yarns on one pair of needles. The fabrics may be inseparable, as in interlock knitted fabrics, or they can simply be two unconnected fabrics. In principle, an arbitrary number of fabrics can be knitted simultaneously on one pair of knitting needles with yarns, as long as one is careful.

Warp knit is a knit fabric produced by machine with the yarns running in a lengthwise direction. Warp knitting is a family of knitting methods in which the yarn zigzags along the length of the fabric, i.e., following adjacent columns (“wales”) of knitting, rather than a single row (“course”). For comparison, knitting across the width of the fabric is called weft knitting.
Since warp knitting requires that the number of separate strands of yarn (“ends”) equals the number of stitches in a row, warp knitting is almost always done by machine, not by hand.
Hope this helps.
However, you might want to contact the company you are buying the
fabric or pants from and ask them your questions.