Baseball Nutrition

So I wanted to start up a discussion and get some opinions.

I have been researching and talking with those that specialize in nutrition and it seems that the trends in society and in sports is moving towards a plant based diet (aka going Vegan).

I am completely sold on this diet and would love to get others opinions.

Are you just looking for a baseball playing season diet?

Not entirely, but I’ve decided that I will be working towards going vegan and was wondering if anyone else is vegan or if they have an arguement against it etc.

For the player who is serious about this sport, I mean very serious, an athlete’s diet follows the seasons. There’s a diet for each season in baseball - offseason, preseason, prime playing season, and post season competion. The key to those seasons is the competitive side of this sport. Now granted, if you’re a multisport athlete, then it would follow that each specific sport would have it’s own demands, thus intake tailored for that sport is your guide.

CAUTION: for someone of your age who requires a balanced diet necessary for proper growth, body functions related to the heart, your nervous system, healing, disease inhibitors and so forth, narrowing your diet to strictly non-meat can be a challenge and not to be taken lightly. Don’t self teach yourself here. Professional advice and guidance is mandatory from a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. However, not every Nutritionist is a Registered Dietitian. These Registered Dietitians are expensive, but you get what you pay for. When working with these professionals, I was surprised at how many mature men were absolutely ignorant of proper eating habits - hence, by the time these men reached their early 30’s, many were physically challenged to keep pace with much younger men.

Your health history, your availability to reliable and consistent food sources, the finances available to you to sustain those ongoing food sources, your dedication to stick to a vegetarian diet - even when away from home, packing your own school lunch and possibly being at the mercy of jokers and others who may want to make fun of you decision, and a host of other unforeseen situations will definitely test your will. .

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Honestly, I could never go vegan if I tried. I just eat to many meat and animal products that I probably couldn’t even go vegetarian for that matter. Personally, the only problem I see going vegan is sometimes, people (not everyone) don’t end getting enough protein, calcium, etc. If you switch, just make sure you get enough of each one of your nutrition needs.

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