Baseball Number?

Basketball has #23. Soccer has #10. What do you think baseball’s number that all the kids want to get is?

In chicago everyone wants Sammy Sosa’s number. But those days have passed and I dont really know what the most popular baseball number is.

Me either man. I’m thinking now it’s 5 for hitters because of Pujols. But I don’t know what the hugely popular number is for baseball. We don’t really have one.

How about:


Some of the best numbers baseball has ever seen.

Forgot #5…oops…

2 for derek jeter probably

#41 was Jackie Robinson’s number.
Probably one of the more memorable numbers.


I believe it was actually #42.


I believe it was actually #42.[/quote]

I thought I had typed #42 into the computer.
I guess I missed the error.
Thanks for correcting me!

Who was #9? I know thats my favorite baseball number of all time.

#2 Jeter…and #7 seems very popular always.

No worries, Card…I often say that I can type 102 characters per minute, 95 of which are the backspace key!!!

#9 was Ted Williams. Man, could that guy hit.

I think every team’s fans probably have a favorite number.

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I think the most popular nimber I have seen is 3. I have never been on a team without somebody competing for the #3.

In the 90’s every Mariners fan wanted #24. Uh, me too. I wore that number in high school.


We had guy velcro a big question mark on the back of his jersey, covering his number.


One of our bat boys asked " What did ya do that for?

He said he got so use to people asking who’s that - he just thought it fit, ya know !

Geessseee Louise … I do miss this game.

Coach B.

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