Baseball Mechanics

is it okay for me to take a fast step back when i am in my windup instead of just taking a small step back.

What this does for me is that it gives me momentum and helps me throw harder. Is this good or should i just take a small step back.

My coach told me i was rushing and to just take a small step back. Does it make a difference or not.

I do think it matters if taking a big step doesn’t allow you to stay in line and controlled. That’s typically why baseball coaches harp on small steps. Most MLB pitchers take small steps, too. It’s a comfort thing, though. Can you find a way to strike a happy medium?

ya okay steven thanks dude.

I think i will take maybe a smaller step back but maybe a little quicker just to still give me some momentum. But ya before i was really quick and ya i could kind of see it in my control. So ya thanks again.