Baseball is Perfection

I know there is a lot of talk about pitch clocks and having a foot in the box, but generally baseball is unchanged.

Football has many new rules regarding pass interference and roughing the passer due to the speed and strength of today’s athletes. Their bodies are essentially producing the force of a small vehicle. They have moved the kick-off back and forth and the extra point has now been pushed back. As players evolve and become better athletes, they are outstripping their playing surfaces. Quarterbacks can throw the ball harder and further, kickers are mashing the ball beyond the end zones, and field goals of over 50 yards happen all the time. I think the only reason we don’t see more 60+ yard field goals is that old school philosophy (and the potentially bad field position a team may be handing to their defense). Punters get more hang time to allow their coverage to get past the distance of the punt. I can go on and on.

Think about the simple act of a stolen base in baseball. 90’ base paths. It takes exactly the same amount of time for a runner to reach second base from their lead as it takes for a pitcher to deliver a ball to the catcher and for the catcher to relay the ball to second. Baseball is full of situations like this if you think about it.

There are so many things that make baseball the perfect game played upon a perfect surface.

So, even though we will be watching a ton of football today and this winter, Opening Day is only 130 days away.