Baseball injury products?


In my years playing baseball I need honest opinions from baseball players about what I should do with my situation, I have weak ankle(s), and I re-sprain/roll the same ankle every year and it really sets me back. I’m held back by this and it takes me a week or so to recover, and practice normally. Should I wear an ankle support the entire season? And if so, what ankle support wouldn’t prohibit me from coming to my full potential.


What do the doctors say? I see no problem wearing an ankle brace or high-top spikes. Absolutely no big deal at all in my opinion.


Are you doing any exercises to try to help your ankles out?


I’ve been doing some exercises to help, but that can only go so far. I have a busy schedule. My brother’s an EMT, he suggested the same thing. I haven’t been to the doctor about it yet, I’ll more than likely make it in within a few weeks. I was just wanting a quick opinion, thanks everyone. :+1: