Baseball in Brazil: Lack of pitching coaches

Hi people,
Finally i found a forum to discuss some aspects of baseball, and mainly pitching.

I’m from Brazil and as you might know, our first sport here is soccer. In fact, baseball here is restricted to a few japanese comunities. So, the rest of people don’t even know anything about baseball.

Here in my city(Rio de Janeiro), some baseball lovers managed to make an amateur league. Therefore, the average age of the guys playing here is really high and the technical level is low. For instance, Throwing fastballs in mid 80’s is already awesome.

I’m 20 yo now and i’m playing baseball for almost 3yrs. I’m starting training as a pitcher now. So, i’m looking for some advice from people who is used to teaching this sport. As I said, we really lack of good coaches here, and my team is trying to gather some new pitchers (fortunatelly an american guy is pitching for us now, but he’s the only pitcher we have)

I am looking foward to become a reliever. First because i don’t have much stamina and second because my fastball is terrible (70 mph avg) for my age, so far i can throw nice curves, with control and a good break. So, i need some advices about how getting a little more velocity in fastball and about ways of warming up to prevent injuries. As we are amateurs, my team only have a 4 hours training per week.

This saturday I’ll try to film my pitching mechanics to gather some more consistent advice. But i’m already really pleased to exchange information with you. And sorry for the loooong post. I promiss to write less in the next one.


Welcome! You should be able to find lots of good information here.