Baseball help


You want to keep your arm healthy. I recommend a prehab type workout like this:

My son used this program. The information was affordable, had no gimmicks and was medically researched. It should fit your budget. It’s a good foundation to build on.

Is it only a conditioning program or does it have info on throwing and lifting

Actually I throw about 72 any help would be appreciated

There are some helpful directions on how to set up a progressive lifting program. One that should improve your strength and endurance. There are plenty of other resources right in this forum. Look around. Good luck.


You’re on one of the best user friendly sites for Pitching.

Do some research on LTP and find what will work for you.

The link Dino provided is a good one as well.

From your recent posts it seems to me you don’t want to take the responsibility of doing the work, you just want things handed to you. It doesn’t work that way. It’s your arm, your body and your career not anyone else’s.

Do some research and work and if you have questions about something ask, guys here are usually pretty willing to lend a helping hand to people if they show that they’ve done some work on their own.