Baseball Golves

I live in Korea and a baseball glove is too expensive. Baseball is not popular sports in Korea. Buying a glove in lowest price and in lowest-level costs about $ 200.

I want to buy a baseball glove on the USA website. Which site is most popular and has cheap gloves with good condition ?

Thank you. and excuse my bad English please.

One of the big baseball retailers, definately competative prices.

hey frndz I m looking for best the best gloves manufacturers plz help…

I only use mizuno, mine is 12 years old and still works like new, amazing quality gloves from them.

I like Mizzuno and TPX gloves, the TPX are a little harder to break in.

Rawlings Gold Glove Series. Inexpensive good quality.


Fella’s Rawlings or any American brand gloves might not be a good recommendations for this guy. In Korea just assume a 200% price on American Gloves. My parents are civilians working with the military so I can order it online without the 2x blowup in price. I recommend the Korean company Gold. Their symbol is a G. Hope that helped! :slight_smile:

This might sound dumb but put a baseball inside of it, wrap the glove in a towel and run it over with a car like 10 times. really works.