Baseball Fundraisers

I know this is off-topic but I am new to coaching baseball and I am looking for good fundraisers that will bring in some good money for the team. Does anyone have any good suggestions?


Football Mania is good if you can get your players to sell tickets at $20 a piece.

How do you run a football mania in the summer time? Football runs from Sept to Feb. I need something during the season.

Tom, it is a vague question, are you affiliated with a league or association, is it a travel squad? Church team? Most associations have fundraising mechanisims…fill in some blanks…
What if anything have you tried so far?
What part of the country do you live in (Obviously a car wash won’t work right now in the north for example)?
Are you on your own or are there more teams?

My coaches big fundraiser is having us rake leaves around town. thats a great fall fundraiser to prepare your team for the coming season. My coach doesn’t really do anything in season cause its kinda difficult while scheduling all of the practices and games.


My team is a travel squad up North. Each team is on their own for fundraising.

So how much outside of their individual fee’s are beyond your budget?


Well, I guess you could sell autographed baseballs from your team to your players’ families, grandparents, and friends.

Sponsor letters have worked well for us. Prepare a nice letter explaining your team, your goals as coaches, your goals as an organization in helping the kids grow, etc and send that to local businesses, organizations, grandparents, etc. We created several levels of sponsorship with each donor receiving some gift appropriate for the level of donation. Sponsors at a certain level and above also got their business names printed on our banner that gets displayed at tournaments, etc. A word of caution though. Check the price of the banner before hand to make sure it’s worthwhile. :shock: In this situation it really helps if you can be set up as an official non-profit organization but this can take a lot of time, effort and expense.

We’ve also been successful with weekend softball tournaments but we had fields and local contacts to help make it work. Coaches umped, parents worked the concession stand, and kids hustled 50-50 raffles, etc. If it’s cool or cold make sure to sell chili. I wish we’d have had 50 gallons of the stuff.

Car washes have been moderately successful more as team building exercises than a financial success. It’s fun for the kids but a poll of the parents indicated that most would rather just pony up another $50 than donate more of their valuable non-baseball time. If the team is young the kids tire quickly and parents end up doing most of the work anyway.

If you do a car wash you might want to consider selling advance tickets. A local team did that and I thought it was a great idea. Many may just buy the ticket and never show up.

We’ve considered a baseball marathon. Set a number of innings to play- 25,50,75, 100 and the kids get pledges for most anything you can think of but it’s usually number of innings played. In travel this works well if two teams want to combine to play the game. Set up a pitching machine to throw and limit time consuming changeovers- i.e. change after 6 outs but clear the bases after 3.

I’ve seen organizations sell numbered “lottery” tickets that are tied to the state lottery numbers. I’m not sure of the exact mechanism but you likely need some outside help with proper printing and administration.

I have heard of other teams, girls softball in this case, canvassing the parking lot of the local university before football games with a bucket simply asking for donations. We weren’t real keen on turning our boys loose in the “tailgate” environment however. I suspect the dads chaperoned the girls pretty closely. :wink:

From experience I’d suggest choosing your fundraisers wisely in order to respect parents’ time. They spend a lot of time shuttling kids to practice, games, lessons, etc. and time off becomes more and more valuable as the baseball commitment goes up. Some would rather just pay more.

Super Bowl squares!


That will not work as the team is not picked until March.