Baseball Factory?

Has anyone ever heard of the baseball factory?
It has something to do with under armour.

Well i got a letter in the mail today saying they want me to come out to a tryout soon.

Has anyone ever heard of the baseball factory.
And what is it?

I use to get letters all the time from them looking for me to try out or go to a showcase with them.

I would say pretty much if you want to be on a showcase team, they are a decent option. I can’t speak much of the program as I have not seen them play a whole lot but I think they just take kids from all over the country and make a team.

Does it mean theyve seen me play?

Or do they just send these letters(more like advertisements) to random baseball kids?

You play on a high school team, Legion team, any travel team, and so on, and you’ll be on list that is either cash worthy for selling your name and address for the sole purpose of “selling” you on these events, OR, the invite is based on organizing an event (such as this) for the purpose of attracting college coaches/recruiters and scouts, and for a fee, these college coaches/recruiters and scouts have a chance to see a lot of talent all in one place, thus sparing their costs for travel expenses and like expenditures.

In any event, money is the prime purpose of these events - not you. You pay, someone else pays, you both pay - all of you pay$$$.

In any event, these events are not cheap to put on. Field space, parking space, security, and a ton of other expenses are associated with conducting such events. Also, attracting professionals who are in business of searching for fresh talent is something that you want to research yourself. Do not rely on the advertising of the people or corporation that’s holding the event. I had a man who paid serious money, four years ago, traveled all the way from Massachusetts to Texas, based on an impressive presentation of advertising, only to find a poor showing of professional college and professional scouts in attendence. The company that held the event went in and out of business just for that event.

Promising big time college attendence by listing “the big guys” in the college game is pretty standard stuff. Even listing the coaches and their staff is also pretty standard advertising. But, will they attend? That’s the big quesiton. How do you know who will be attending for sure - you don’t. And with money in such short supply for everybody, and I do mean everybody, I’d hold my wallet close, be realistic about your chances of why you’re going to these events in the first place, then itemize every single expense that you’re going to be effected by. Be smart with your money - or - someone elses.

Coach B.

i know i’m supposed to be attending a showcase like that run by coast to coast baseball. I went to a tryout and made it, so now i get to go to a showcase. Hopefully it will be what they say it is.

I have had experiences with Perfectgame and Baseball Factory. I paid…my son played…

They are both in my opinion well run businesses that generally deliver what they advertise. BUSINESSES. They are in it to make money.

Whether it is worth it or not is each individual’s perception of value. I believe I know enough about business to say this…Do they know who you are when they “invite” you? They have some information on you but Not really unless you are already known on a National level. Now they will have a representative talk to you on the phone and “recruit” you. They are for the most part “recruiting” your money. Oh I do believe they have something nice to offer but it’s sometimes a hard sell for the price because the events are places where many have to fly into or drive long distances for. That reduces the possible takers.

I like the way Perfectgame is run more so than the Baseball Factory experience. Perfectgame presented the facts and Baseball Factory gave me a memorable experience. But both of them have a solid foot in the showcase business. I am glad we participated in both programs even though it cost me the price of a college scholarship. Yes that’s right, think about that. At the time, I was perfectly capable of parting with discretionary money for that purpose but it might as well been put to good use in the bank or an investment.

Timing is really everything…in baseball as in life. The recent economic downturn should not be considered lightly. There are fewer and fewer professionals with “discretionary money” for this purpose. How financially secure is your family? Are there other needs that must be addressed? Should I save with the thought of providing my own “scholarship” rather than pay someone now for a perceived return on that investment? These are some of the hard questions you should ask before asking your family to part with their hard earned money. It is becoming more hard earned every day.

I always liked going to College camps more. Get a list of colleges that you like and go to their camps. They will see you and can talk with you if they are interested because you are on their campus. That is why you hear of young kids being committed to a certain college before they are seniors or juniors. Also, you can go to like three or four college camps for what one PG or Baseball Factory showcase cost.