Baseball equipment

Okay so once i get financially settled I want to start building up my baseball equipment again (My dad took all my gear to florida and left it there…)
So here’s what i will be looking for:

  1. Wood bats - could be cheap , just looking to use for BP

  2. Pitching machine- as cheap as possible, hopefully self loading, Im good with 50MPH or so. again just for BP

  3. Pitching Net - I’m doing all this solo so I don’t have a catcher, I dont want those gay bounce back ones, theyre cheap. Looking for ones that collect the ball in a net so I dont have to keep picking them up.

  4. Gloves - im general

  5. a mound - Ive seen em online for almost 1k so I will probably have to build my own. Can anyone give me a guide for this? also recomend materials.

  6. Lots and lots of baseballs. Seriously, I will be happy with a shopping cart full.

  7. Radar gun - for later use as I progress

  8. Batting Tee

I’m kind of poor so buying all of this at once is very unrealistic but im just planning a head. Can you guys help me track down this stuff for cheap?

I’ve been seeing this online :

is it any good?

No help from anyone?

I built a mound for about 100 dollars just google how to build a pitcher’s mound and then go to home depot it’s cheap and easy.

[quote=“GottyJ”]I’ve been seeing this online :

is it any good?[/quote]

my teammate has that, works well

As far as wood bats go I wouldn’t waste my time on a super cheap ash bat because it will break really quick and you’ll find yourself spending more money on another one. I’d go with a nice quality bamboo bat that will last for a while, in fact Mizuno has a 90 day warranty on their bamboo bats.

Hey, what you listed is gonna cost you some serious money, so i would try to get the most bang for your buck.

I would drop the radar gun, don’t need it.

Now are you a pitcher or a position player? If a pitcher Get like 25 balls, a canvas catcher, then a mound. For a glove I recommend Nike Diamond Elite gloves. They are snazzy and give you “bang for your buck”.|0/Ne/19/parentCatId/27/pCategoryId/2/categoryId/1100011/N/36+1100011+33+22/


Mounds are expensive, but you do need them. Here’s a link for a cheap one.


900 dollars is normally what they cost. You can’t do anything about it.

I agree, don’t get a cheap bat, it will break. I would say get a very expensive one, that will last you a long time. Cheap is expensive when you keep on getting new items.

Well i’ve been searching online and I seem to see some good deals but tell me if any of these are to cheap:
Radar Gun $79.99

Pitching Machine $199.99

Batting tee $18.99

Portable pitching Mound $425.00

Baseballs (30) $74.99|0/

And I’m a pitcher/fielder but I just want to work on being a pitcher while also hitting so i dont lose my edge.

I was wondering what you guys think of the Mound and pitching machines. And do you know if I can throw regular baseballs with that machine? all I can find for that money are machines that throw wiffle balls or THEIR type of practice balls and I want to hit real baseballs.

The one thing about the mound is that its somewhat narrow but its half the price of anything else I can find what do you guys think?

75 bucks is a lot for 30 baseballs. Im more cheap than you. But if you need that mound I heard the fake mounds aren’t really that great. Id go with what that one guy said to do make a mound for 100 dollars. That sounds better. If you have the room for all this then go for it. For the pitching machine why dont you go to a batting cage? If you want the long sessin of batting practice im pretty sure the owner of the cage can make you a deal for it. And for the radar gun i was thinknig of getting one myself. But people on here told me to not get one. To instead go to a place where they analyze your pitching and test your speed. That probably saves money but if your in the middle of nowhere then your list is probably the best way to go.

I have very little wood working ability (outside from my 8th grade woodshop class?[Im 20 lol]) would making a mound be difficult? And how high should the mound be? 6inch or 8 inches? length and width if you have it as well.

As far as the net, I’ve been looking for netting to make my own cage and most that is 70+ft long is like 500 bucks, is there anyway to get it for cheaper?

Instead of using a metal frame im considering holding it up via wires/rope good or bad idea?


Fish netting, would fish netting work? or gardening netting? They seem cheaper but would they not work as well?

Lol 5 posts? im kind of confused as to what those were in reference to? a pitching net?

sorry my computer is screwed up a little. And yeah that was supposed to be for something you might want to think about. Its looks cheaper. and its supposed to be something you throw the ball at.