Baseball equipment shipped to canada

I found a broken bat in the garbage at a ball park a year or so ago so i taped it up and have used it since in the cages. I love the bat, but I can’t find it locally anymore and the only place I find it is here on the Easton site but of course they don’t ship to Canada. Any of you guys know where I can get this bat, and if they’ll ship to Canada?


Thanks buwhite, one problem…you can only get it in 34 :lol:

You didn’t mention size, what size are you looking for?

33 or 32. Same bat.

I couldn’t find if for sure they ship to Canada but I think they do:

Here is one more:

I am also confident that ebay, depending on the seller, will ship to you:

Thank you sir, appreciate you taking the time to look for me.