Baseball dad


My intro and backgrounder:

Dad of a Freshman RHP (15yr old), Singed up as a PO, was informed that he would see CF and LF a lot. Varsity team is in the top 10 in NorCal, top 300 nationwide (2014 team, but we have been consistently in the top 25/300s).

FB topped in the off-season at 81(indoors , 80 in tryouts. CU is 10 slower, Curve is 10-15 slower (its a is newer pitch for him and he’s not yet fully confident in tight game situations.)

I coached from t-ball to Intermediates (50/70 & 80s). He played nearly all Little League, with just five USSSA tournaments overall.

Proud user of a PocketRadar (I swear by it for recognizing fatigue, how much of a bad or good day he is having, etc.)


welcome to the boards. I have a son who is a 15 YO sophomore. Last fall he was throwing 75-79 mph. His change is about 8 mph slower and his curve is about 10-12 mph slower than his FB. I know my son benefited greatly from time playing 50/70 ball as well as a Fall league that allowed them to play on the full sized field 6 months before they would have to compete on one.

I too have a radar and I agree that it’s great for helping to track fatigue during the game and in the bullpen.

I look forward to hearing about his progress in that very competitive geographic region.






Welcome to the boards. Also have a 15 YO sophomore son who was throwing low to mid 80’s last year. His only other pitch is the slider, which is due to his natural delivery. Not sure what he will be throwing this year, but he is still getting bigger, quicker, more agile and stronger. He decided to take this year off to concentrate on basketball. When the weather turns decent, we’ll do bullpen two to three days a week at the local high school, assuming I can still catch him. Otherwise, I need to find a catcher for him so he can continue to develop. The Varsity coach wanted him to pitch varsity this year, but my son said no. Unfortunately, he’s through with organized baseball for the present. Basketball has become his passion. It’s exciting, fun to play (i.e. dunking), fast pace, continuously moving, etc… In baseball he’s always dealt with coaches who play favorites and tell him to pitch easy so they can hit it.

Always interested in how other kids my sons age are doing. Best baseball experience he’s had was playing in a 15U AAA tournament in No Cal on his 13th birthday. He hit .750 for the weekend and his slider invoked grounder after grounder against the winning team. He was used to striking out everyone, but in this tournament, he knew his FB wasn’t big enough to get the strike outs, so he went with the slider and used the 2-seamer to keep the better hitters off balance. I believe he went six innings and only had 2 Ks. Everything else was on the ground.