Baseball camp Vs highschool camp

Ok so as some of you know Ive been pitching at my baseball camp and and my highschool conditioning center. When I first started my camp I was pitching terribly… no control. The the pitching coach told me to break my hands sooner and for some off reason or another When i started to break my hands sooner my motion itself got kind of quick. the other pitching coach was subbing for mine one day and said that he said my motion looked rushed but that I was throwing so good that he didnt want me to change it. Is it bad? To be honest I have almost no balance point. when I go into my motion I try to have everything going towards the plate… so as my knee gets to max height My body is starting to go forward already. Is this good or bad? So at my highschool camp the pitching coach told me that he wanted me to stop when I lift my knee to get a “balance point” and I was really kind of ignoring him for 2 reasons

#1 I went in this year thinking that I really could care less wether or not he wants me on his team this year. he has denied me the last 2 years not because Im im sub par or anything he just has his “set team” So I figured That since I probably wont make the team anyways I’ll just makee some of his superstars look bad and Im doing that so far. Most of the Var kids are impressed with my pitching and the JV coach is impressed with my pitching aswell and everyone at my other baseball camp.

#2 my motion has worked for my so far and my stamina seems to be better then in years past. I pitched about 100 or more pitches saturday and I pitched monday for my highschool about 40-50 pitches and today my arm feels good enough to throw ( dont worry I wont haha)

Should I have listened to him? and what are your thoughts?

That is good!

Did you coach say why? Sounds like old conventional wisdom to me. Maybe you can politely ask him why and get him to really think about it.

Sounds like good reason to continue do what you’ve been doing.

Uh oh.

This is a sticky issue. You need to find a way to have open, honest dialog with your coach and let him know your concerns without offending him. How easy this is will depend on your communication skills and on what kind of person your coach is. I would not mention getting advice fro an Internet website. Probably better to just say you’ve been trying to learn about pitching as that shows your interest and willingness to put out the effort to improve yourself.

Haha why Uh oh?

And to be honest the coach just isnt a very good one… it sounds bad saying that but if you honestly ask anyone near the baseball team. no one likes him. He picks favorites and really doesnt know how to coach.\ well. I’ve expressed my dislike for him in this thread and a couple other threads. But like I said i dont care if I make his team or not I just dont want to have any hostility while im there. and for the most part I was kind of wandering what all your takes are on the balance point vs. forward momentum stuff

I said “Uh oh” because I thought you were the one who asked about pitching on just one day of rest and you got “beat up” a little bit by other posters and now you brought that subject up again.

Most here will favor momentum over balance point.