Baseball and swimming


My son’s favorite sport is baseball. He doesn’t like football, basketball, soccer or track but he does like swimming. Since I thought it would help keep him fit and prevent injury, I let him go to swim practice (1.5 hours) twice a week during baseball season and 4 times a week in the off season.

I recently read about the importance of the off-season and now wonder if participating in swimming would prevent his arms and shoulder from fully resting recovering.

He is just 12 and pitches maybe 40-80 throws in a week including practice and games. But I expect that to increase in junior high next year.

Is there a number of pitches at which I should restrict his swimming? Should I find another way for him to stay fit in the off-season?



He’s young, doing multiple sports is always a good thing. If he enjoys it, there’s no reason not to encourage it.

Also, at the age of twelve, swim practice 4 times a week trumps activities most kids will be doing while they’re away from their “main sport.” He doesn’t need to be on any specialized program for another couple of years.

Just let him do what he enjoys.

One of our varsity guys even attributes doing swimming in his offseason to some velocity improvement and overall better arm health. So that’s potentially supportive annecdotal evidence.

Just make sure he’s having fun and doesn’t burn out on whatever he enjoys doing.
A pretty high percentage of the greatest little league talents I’ve witnessed aren’t even motivated to continue playing ball in high school, because after year round ball for their childhood and never taking a break, they’re ready to give it up.

I didn’t go into a year round baseball training routine until junior year of high school. And even then, there’s not a ton of individuals motivated to focus on one thing to that degree.