Baseball America Prospects

All BaseballAmerica has come out with there prospect list and I thought I would share what I found out about four prospects on the first team and one on the 3rd team.

1st Team

Here is the scouting report on AJ Cole a big RHP.

Dylan Covey

Kevin Gausman

Karsten Whitson

3rd team BA prospect

A.J. Vanegas

The scouting reports seemed to project how they would mature and placed some emphasis on that. Most reports were written by a guy named John Kilma - I have no idea who he is but he writes for

you bring up a good point when mentioning projectability. Scouts like to see tall and skinny AKA projectable pitchers throwing hard without much mass on their body. They figure with added weight via strength/conditioning and proper nutrition will take their fastball from the low 90s to the mid to high 90s and they have a better chance in making it as a big leaguer. Aside from projectability, height more specifically long limbs improves a pitchers ability to create downwad plane on the ball in order to induce grounders. Not thats its necessarily true, but this is the general consensus amongst scouts.