Bartolo Colón 2 seam

I’ve been watching Bartolo the past couple years for the Yankees last year and the A’s this year. He has the sickest 2 seam I’ve ever seen. His mechanics for the 2 seam look slightly different from when he throws his 4 seam. Does anyone know how he gets so much movement? Thanks for the help.

Here’s a clip: [/youtube]

OK if you search bartolo colon 2 seam on YouTube its the first one. Its followed by a bunch of Japanese symbols

And those would be Chinese symbols. Only reason I know is because I use google chrome. 8)

Haha well you know what I mean

Although I don’t know this to be fact, my guess is that he puts a lot of pressure on his index finger when he throws the two-seam.

Similarly, Mariano Rivera puts pressure on his middle finger for the cutter.

Cool thanks. Do you know what kind of rotation that would create?

Pretty sure I can throw a 95 MPH 2 seam too if I can gain like 100 pounds!

colon always looked awkward when pitching even back with the indians but i guess a maddux 2 seamer at 96 mph will make you a good pitcher no matter what…