Barry zitos mechaincs

What is up with him changing his mechaincs to “old school” is he dumb or what. Does any one have a video of the new mechaincs that he is going to use with the giants?
Why would out of the blue you change your mechaincs? I hope they work or the giants would have wasted lots of money.

The guy is wack. What the hell is he doing. I’m glad the Mets didn’t sign him …

Barry Zito tries experimentation
By Andrew Baggarly

San Jose Mercury News


SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - Barry Zito pitched off a bullpen mound for the first time in a Giants uniform, and no, he didn’t scrap the curveball.

He overhauled the way he threw it, though.

With Giants coaches and officials staring in amazement, Zito set up a video camera, pulled out a tape measure to calculate his landing spot, then unveiled a new, old-school windup.

The Giants watched with understandable wariness, given their $126 million investment in the former A’s left-hander - the richest contract to a pitcher in major league history. But if Tiger Woods can change his swing while atop the world golf rankings, Zito figures he shouldn’t have to play it safe.

“If Tiger can pull it off, and also have the (guts) to do that, I think anyone can,” Zito said.

Zito, who joked on his introductory conference call that he would ditch his signature pitch, told pitching coach Dave Righetti in January that he planned to make some changes.

The Giants clearly weren’t prepared for the extent of those changes. Righetti expressed skepticism with the new look but said he would go along with Zito’s experiment for now.

“Most guys won’t really (make major changes) unless they’ve had an injury or they’re getting killed,” Righetti said. “It’s very rare you see this, but he feels pretty strong about it. This guy knows what he’s doing. Somewhere down the line, you have to trust him. So it starts there and we’ll work off that.”

Zito, who put on 10 pounds of lower-body muscle this winter, wanted to use his legs more in his delivery. He stood in a slight crouch on the rubber with his feet at shoulder-width, bounced twice, then stepped so far backward that he was almost squatting by the time he began to transfer his weight and stride toward the plate.

“I’m just taking a step back to create momentum from the beginning of the delivery,” Zito said. “Before, I’d stop and then create momentum, really, from nothing.”

Zito began the session by measuring a distance in front of the rubber and marking it with a swipe of his cleat.

“I’ve never seen that,” Manager Bruce Bochy said.

Bochy said he is OK with Zito’s experimenting “for a little bit.” He’ll need to convince Righetti, who cautioned that Zito could have balance problems as he steps off the back of a true mound. And the longer stride could tire him out, too.

“We’ll see how his groin feels tomorrow,” Righetti said. "It’ll wear him down. He’s going to over-stride and it’s going to be tough for him. He’s a good athlete and he got himself in shape for it, so maybe it’s all tied in together. He felt he needed to do something.

“But to me, it’ll be about making his pitches. If he loses the curveball, which he could because he’s throwing from a different angle now…I’m not sure. His ball flight is going to be different, no doubt about that.”

Zito said he “felt constricted” on the mound the past few years and wanted to generate more body leverage. He also might have been motivated by reports out of New York that he was a pitcher in decline. In a Dec.20 story, one baseball official told the New York Post that Zito “has slipped.”

The Giants might not agree, but there is no arguing that opponents hit .257 off Zito last year, a career worst. His 99 walks and 1.53 strikeout-to-walk ratio also were career worsts, and scouts said his fastball had lost some steam.

Zito, 28, won a Cy Young Award in 2002 but is 41-34 with a 4.05 ERA over the past three seasons - numbers that are far from elite.

“I haven’t been as good as I want to be and I don’t think I ever will be,” Zito said. “I don’t think I should stop trying to get better.”

Zito said his changes aren’t drastic, and that he used a similar motion in college. For Righetti, the difference was more significant.

“I looked at his tapes from Oakland,” Righetti said. “That was a waste of time.”

i want to see his new mechanics before even start a jugement.

i think this is a case of him trying to do too much… i think hes fine the way he was and i think this is going to ruin him if he doesnt go back the way he was

[quote=“dark2dan”]i think this is a case of him trying to do too much… i think hes fine the way he was and i think this is going to ruin him if he doesnt go back the way he was[/quote]Kind of hard to be sure about that at this point but it definitely is risky.

Zito has since changed his mind on his mechanical overhaul and is again throwing with his more traditional delivery.

sounds like a kid deciding to throw submarine because he saw mike myers to then come back to overhand cauz he saw clemens to then go straight side-arm because he saw eckersley.

Hey whatever works for him, it’s his choice really, not the choice of the fans. If he didn’t like his mechanics and wanted to change them to make himself more comfortable, then I’m all for it. But Palo20, you say that he’s changed them back right?

That’s right, he went back to his normal mechanics because he claims he was just working on some new stuff and didn’t expect the media frenzy that followed.

Zito is an experienced pro. I for one am glad to hear that he is experimenting with his pitches and mechanics. I think that the way to continued success is to continually improve. His experimentation is a way to explore and perhaps improve on an already successful formula.

The fact that he went back to his previously successful throwing mechanics means that, along with being an experimenter, he is also a realist :lol:

Then I imagine that he’d find somewhere more private where the media won’t be able to find him while he works on his new mechanics. Though, that would be a little strange while pitching his regular delivery in games. It’d get confusing I’m sure.

Or to adapt as his body changes from age.

Or that those signing his hefty paycheck had more say in such matters. :wink:

Or to adapt as his body changes from age.

Or that those signing his hefty paycheck had more say in such matters. :wink:[/quote]

Nothing more realistic than a guy facing a pink slip… :lol:

[quote=“Roger”]… those signing his hefty paycheck had more say in such matters.[/quote]Bingo!!

Well, he is after all a lefty …

I have been trying to find a video of Zito’s new mechanics but I cannot find it. I also heard he has scrapped those “new mechanics” and reverted back to the old ones. Any word?

just read throught the topic.