Barbell bench press for pitchers

Is barbell bench press bad for pitchers? If so why?

It’s beneficial, as part of an overall strength program. Just do push-ups if you’re concerned about “bulking up”.

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NOTE: I answered this when thinking of dumbbell bench press.
DisclaimerI do not have any scientific research to support this

In my experience, it’s been good. I’ve found when I pitch the day after doing a dumbbell bench i tend to throw harder than usual.

The bench press is considered a good exercise for pitchers; the dumbbell bench is basically the same thing but single sided. I don’t see any reason to think its bad.

you are confusing barbell with dumbbell.
Barbell is considered bad for bench by pitchers because of how the shoulders blades can rotate with the exercise. It is fine if you keep the blades retracted.
A lot of pitchers do bench with dumbbells as it is easier to keep the elbow in and blades retracted.
Anyway, all of these questions about single exercises being good or not sort of miss the point. What Steven said is so true…“as part of an overall strength program”…an actual program, not single exercises.
Lifting free weights, body weight exercises, plyometrics, power exercises…they all have their place.

Whoops, thanks for the correction. Should I delete my answer?

No sir, no need to delete. Part of the learning process. Good to see you have iniative to think and learn!

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What Pitcher17 said.
No need to delete it.