Bantam summer season

Well, I’m going to start one of these because i think it well help me with my play. Im 14, 5 foot 7 or 8, 125. Throw around 70. I play Bantam AA in Alberta for the Cold Lake cardinals. Our team is hosting the western canadian championship for our level this year. I probably will not be updating this for a few weeks because provincial acheviement tests are coming up and i need to study.
I will start with tonight. Tonight was a house league game, so we usually play the weaker players and let them pitch. i pitched the first two innings but 6 ks straight, against a terrible team. The game ended after 6 innings because there was a foul ball and the guy on third ran our catcher, who is a little guy and this guy was huge, and well the ump threw him out and the kid who yelled run him. More yelling ensued, we werte playing a team from a reserve and they brought in the racial card, even though we have a few african americans on our team. It was rpetty intense, alot of swearing, we called it because one kid would of ran our albino on third or me on 2nd, because we kinda got heavy itno it, and i have a temper and a history of doing stupid stuff in hockey when stuff like this happens. After this I only have a practice on sunday night, then on tuesday and thursday, where i will not be pitching do to the tendinitis in my shoulder, which i got a prescription for today, this rub stuff. Then in a week we play three games in edmonton and we have to win all three to stay in tier one for provincials, and if we are in tier one there is a better chance of us getting seeded higher in westerns. Our team has had alot of key players missing, especially pitchers and our slugger. So i hope the arm is ready in time for that

I started, and it was the best I probably pitched in my life. I think it was 71 pitches took me through 5 and 1/3rd. 9 ks, 2 walk(and one was intentional too) 1 earned run(a huge solo shot some kid jacked off the foul pole) Their best hitter smoked the 1st pitch in the 1st inning of his at bat(he bats in the three spot) and thank god my defense saved me the first two batter. 1st batter drilled a liner through and my second basemen climbed the ladder and robbed him of a single. The next one was a fly our centrefielder made a diving catch. Then I gave up the homer and struck out the next guy. Start of the second inning there cleanup popped one up foul. The second batter I got him chasing a dangerously high fastball for the first pitch, threw sort of a cutter/sinker got him fouling it into his shin, then gave him a C and got him swinging, catcher didn’t catch it but threw him out at third. The next batter I went after him, fastball, he was behind, then another fastball, he caught up a bit and fouled it off, then threw a circle change and made him look hideous(and my coach doesn’t even want me throwing that pitch, showed him). I struck out the side in the third(terriblebottom of the lineup) then started at the top with a ground out, struck out 2nd batter, coach told me to walk the 3rd hitter. I then had an error commited behind me, that got the 3rd batter home, (he stole second). Got out of that inning with him as the only run. 5th inning was easy dealing, 2 ks, a weak grounder back to me. Then I started the 6th, got in trouble. I had 2 base hits, then a walk to get the bases loaded. Coach took me out, kid came in and got a pop fly, man on third didnt tag and they got a double play. Then he struck out the next three inthe 7th and we won the game i think 5-2.

Our team finally started to hit again, against there ace as well.

Also, sorry for the terrible punctuation, and spelling I was in a hurry while I wrote this.

Another thing too was my control was spot on, and I think my delivery was alot smoother than usual, less violent, I didn’t feel like I was throwing very hard but the gun says I was and I was getting the outs. My two seamer lately has been terrible, no tailing at all, so I tried a sinker/cutter sort of thing(it broke down and to the right a bit, and I’m a righthander) And that pitch was very effective, it helps since my twoseamer usually got a ton of pop flys because it tailed really late and pretty hard, and without it I lost one of my best pitches. Today that sinker/cutter got the ground balls and whiffed a few people, the change was good, my older brother said it looked exactly like my fastball untill it was too later for the hitter. And my curve I didn’t really have much control of, but it was a hammer. Thankfully our game ended rioght befpore teh thunderstorm, and our cleanup hitter hit a three run jack.

Well this past weekend we had three games in edmonton. First game was against top seeded South Jasper Place Jays, lost 4-0. I played first base first 5 innings, because our normal 1st baseman pitched and the other kid who plays it wasn’t able to come. Made some nice plays there. Our first pitcher pitched 5 innings, pitched well, no walks, but he doesn’t throw hard enough to be a threat. Two of their runs scored on an error. I pitched the bottom of 6, stuck one guy out and got two grounders right back at me i got for outs.

I never finished that one because i had to go to school this morning for an exam.
Just pitched that inning because we lost. Nothing went our way, we finally got two walks, and I nailed a hard liner back at the pitcher, he threw his hands up, it bounced off his forearm up in the air adn the short stop caught it. Pretty brutal. Then the next game we played Dawson Creek, got up 3-0 off some weak pitching, I was back at second base. We ened up losing 4-3, so manhy errors. I almost had a chance to end the inning were they rallied, men on 2nd and third, and a blooping liner over my head and it was just in between me and first, and jumped and got a peice of it, couldn’t come down with it. Then with meh on third and first, the guy stole, and the shortstop was covering the bag i ran out infront to cut it off and get the runner going to home plate, but i stepped on this little drainage gate right on the edge of the grass and tripped, and sprained two fingers on my right hand. Then on Sunday we played Grande Prarie, got mercied in 5, our pitchers just couldnt find the zone, and the bats again went silent. Their pitcher was alright but not that good, and again we made so many errors on run downs and stuff.

All in all our weekend was pretty crappy. Just couldn’t get it all together again. Our team will now probably be relegated to Division 2 AA, even though we should be in Div 1 with ease.

Last night i had practice, did alot of running due to bad performance, some cage work. Then I pitched around 20 pitches of BP to the teham, our one coach, Donovan, jacked one out of the park, other than that pretty minimal, curveball was awesome for a change which is nice.
After practice i went to the 400 metre track behind the high school, ran 100 metres, then walked the curve, ran next straight etc etc 10 times

Well this weekend we had 4 games in two days In Camrose. We won 3 lost 1.
First game was against carstairs. We won by 2 runs. We were the home team. I played some 2nd base and centrefield, made some nice catches in centre. Bottom of 7 i had a man on 2nd and third, and i hit a huge shot( we were playing on a field that was messed up, and had about a 460 centrefield, and 420 right(i’m a lefty batter) that probably would of been gone at our diamond, around 370 foot shot. Got the winning RBI, which felt nice.

2nd game, we played south jasper place, an edmonton team, close game, we were home team again. I came in to pithc in a crappy situation, and my catcher had a passed ball on a strike three that he droped, went to the cage, then overthrew it, they scored 2 on the play. Other than that I pitched fairly well, curveball was awesome, a bunch of kids ducked out. We ended up losing the game, 7-5, should of won, had a big lead, 2nd releiver blew it, then I came in, pitched alright only one earned run in 3 innings.

3rd game we played Fort Saskatchewan, a team we haven’t beat all year. We started our worst pitcher, can’t even make it across the plate without it dropping like a rock. Well, it threw off their timing, they are the best hitting team, crushed all the hard pitchers in the league and couldn’t hit our own Tim Wakefield(LOL) except his amazing “sinking” fastball, LOL. It put them in fits, we started to hit off their ace who’s shut everyone down, they started getting frustrated, coach was freaking out on them about why they couldn’t hit him. Then we put in a kid who throws decent heat, nasty knuckler, which just murdered them. We ended up winning by 1 run, I was the winning run this game.

4th game we played camrose, won 11-3 or something. They’re pitcher had 9 pitches in the first inning and we were up 3-0 after, alot of first pitch swinging. We just rolled them.

Summary: I finally broke out of a hitting slump, i think 9 rbi’s, and 7 runs. Struck out once, first bat all weekend. Grounded out 4 times, twice if you don’t count sac bunts The 2nd time was bogus, I laid down a bunt, adn beat out the throw, the pitcher stepped on my foot when my foot was on the bag, and I was called out.
Other than that I was on base every time.

Also, tommorow night I have a zone team tryout for all of zone 7 in alberta(northeastern alberta). Hopefully it goes well, if I make it there’s a tournament in I think calgary. Be playing with and against the best players in alberta.

absolutely shit the bed
went from 53 feet or whatever the pitching distance in bantam is to a full major league distance, and no mound, curveball was terrible, everything was awful.
Definetly not making this team as a pitcher.
Then, in the infield, were I’m probably the best at I just booted the ball, made some shitty throws. I hope they saw that I approached the ball well.(4 grounders is NOT enough to judge someone on) Then in the outfield in right htey did a drill, hit us 5 balls and i had to hose someone at third, and i did it 4 out of 5 times.
My batting was awful too, just couldnt get anything right tonight, adn its the only tryout.

Fix this in a minute

Alright this weekend went 0 and 4
we played brutal. I played great though. Pitched well, nobody clocking us. Threw hard, threw strikes, no earned runs.

practice tonight, threw really well. Basically painted the corners.
Today I work out.
Vertical jump of 34 inches. wow.