Bandwork Benefits


I’ve heard a lot of different theories about using bands in baseball, as they are as much of a staple as tobacco tins out in the bullpen. I was wondering what the thoughts are in how to best utilize bands with pitching? As a warm-up before throwing? A post-throw strengthening? I’ve seen them used on off days with the thought to improve stability and strength in the throwing motion. Also, some are staunchly against bands due to them patterning poor, inefficient movement patterns in the upper extremities. Does anyone have an opinion that they feel strongly about? Personally, I use them to warm up before throwing if I use them at all. Just like to hear some thoughts on the subject and perhaps some success or failure stories using them?


They came about has a rehab tool for people rehabbing shoulders mostly.
The application for throwers is to warm up the rotator cuff muscles. To get the blood flowing, there can be some strength gains too if they are used correctly to target the rotator cuff.
Too often I see guys get very sloppy with how they use them and rush through their exercises. Keeping the arm at the correct angle for the exercise being performed is a key thing. Using them at the right pace is important as well.
Outside of the movements designed for the shoulder I have seen guys use them all sorts of ways…mostly as a way to help stretch the back or rotationally.
Everyone I know that uses them uses them before throwing. Most use them after as well. The day after throwing would be a good time to use them as well. Many pitchers use them daily if not close to daily.


I’m a fan of tubing and don’t think it matters whether you do it before or after a throwing sesh in a practice setting. I would caution against doing it before pitching in a game, however. And after a game, I think there are other activities that are more beneficial to start the recovery process than tubing alone – like jogging, active isolated stretching, etc.

So for me, it’s a great training aid on non-game days.