Bands for pitchers

A friend of mine coaching a 13,14, 15 year old baseball team and he was wondering if someone here can help him with which bands he should get for his players/pitchers. He wants the players/pitchers doing their band exercises before they even pick up a baseball. He would need the ones that clip onto a fence.

His team doesn’t have a big budget.

What do you suggest?


Thera-bands are all cheap. You can order a box from a athletics website and cut the lengths yourself.

Cross Over Bands. Bit on the expensive side though for the sets.

Can you please send me some URL’s.


That’s the cross overs. Works both sides so one doesn’t become to asymmetric.

those are the ones you can just cut as you please. thats very convenient for your players that you can just keep cutting them as much as you want.

I made up a set to use with travel teams I coach. I went to a medical supply store and bough a box of sergical tubing (50’ was $20-$25). It comes in red, green and blue with each color having a different resistance. (I bought red - the lightest resistance - because I was working with young kids at the time.)

I then went to Home Depot and bought some carabiner clips (99 cents each). The clips can easily be attached to chain link fences/backstops.

I cut the tubing into pieces, tied a big loop and one end for a handle and a small loop at the other end for a clip. I also zip tied the ends of the knots just to make sure they didn’t come undone.

I was able to make four sets of three bands for under $50. I use sets of three so each station can have on band hooked to a fence/backstop down low, up high, and mid-torso.

Just another option.