Band work

Well I’ve been doing work with bands on and off since July.
So far I feel like there’s been more negative than good.

When I’m using the bands actively I find it nearly impossible to get loose.
I feel shoulder pain from just throwing and sometimes throbbing
(never usually happens, I have a “rubber arm” for now)

I highly doubt it’s injury becuase when I get off the bands for a week or two, my arm seems to get right back to normal with nearly no pain, even during pitching and following.

So far I haven’t felt like I’ve gained anything from training with the bands.

Any suggestions or ideas?

well if you use the bands on occasion then you should feel soreness, you’ve gotta train your muscles religiously…

its the same thing if you bench, if you haven’t benched for three weeks and then you work out all those muscles that have been ignored they will be painful and sore for the next few days

your mechanics may be off as well…what exercises are you doing with the bands?

it’s not from just not doing them. I was doing physical therapy for a while, so the therapist was standing there watching me, (was there for my hip but they wanted to work my arms for pitching)
I just couldn’t get loose, I got off of them for a couple weeks and felt great.
I tried them again for a few weeks, couldn’t get loose, shoulder always sore.

Mechanics on the bands should be fine since the therapist watched and worked with me for weeks.
Mechanics for pitching are pretty solid, occasionally I’m stiff put I can get loose just fine and my arm feels just fine.

I’m doing internal/external rotation, abduction with interternal and external rotation, rowing.

well there is internal/external rotation and then there is abduction and aDDuction which are two seperate things

i’m not saying this is why your arm hurts but adduction exercises would work a slightly different part of your rotators cuff then the abduction

with abduction your pulling the band across and away from your body

with adduction you place the band high and then bring the band to your waist with your side facing wherever the band is attached

you could probably google it if my explanation sucks

“active resistive adduction” should bring something up

another exercise that pretty much kills my rotators cuff (im going to therapy for it right now so that’s why the pain…) is prone horizontal abduction, it hits right in the back of your shoulder…i definetly don’t look forward to those

You might want to try these exercises with a 3 lb weight instead of bands to see if it makes a difference. You will have to lay on your side for a couple of them but you can do them with the light weights instead of the bands.

make sure to do these exercises very slowly too, make sure the weight doesn’t bounce…like most people will bounce the BB off their chest when benching…DONT do that, be very slow with the motion