Bamboo bat?

My dad told me this guy at the sporting good store said theyre getting a shipment of new bats and some are made out of bamboo …i doubt its as flexibile and his probably more solid but would that be a good bat?

I’ve seen and swung a couple of them. The deal is that they don’t break very easy and they seem ok. I’m old school when it comes to wood, maple or ash (I own a custom made bat from the Louisville Slugger museam and my son has 3 customs and loves them…one of them a maple he had to retire…but it was used by his entire varsity squad).

i had a maple/bamboo brett bros bat…the innercore i believe was made of bamboo and the exterior was maple. I’d recommend it but it doesn’t really feel like a wood bat when u hit with it and it doesn’t have that nice knock of a regular wood bat on contact. However, its very durable…

I just ordered a Brett Bros Gobon #5 last night…can’t wait till it arrives