Ball too close to back of head

Having trouble with consistency and believe that ball passing too close to back of head is the cause. Looking a videos of pro’s and am not seeing elbow bent so much at the frame around 0:03/0:04.

Tried towel drills, and do not seem to affect. He does not seem to be able to correct on his own. Any input would be appreciated.

It’s tough to comment on just one pitch at one angle at one speed. A video with a few pitches at 100% intensity and both from the side and in front angles would be better (one slow motion pitch would be optimal as well). It would also make comments from others more likely.

At :03-0:04, he has already thrown the ball in the video so I’m not sure what you are asking. I’m assuming you are referring to external rotation where his forearm lays back (major leaguers generally have around 90 degrees or parallel to the ground). In my opinion, ER can be affected by many things, including both flexibility and mechanics.

While I don’t have slow motion to verify it, I’m assuming you mean he brings his hand close to his head and then his shoulders rotate instead of his shoulders rotating while his hand is still back? I had this problem before and I believe it was caused by my hand getting up too early. To fix this, you can try having him break his hands from his glove later. If this isn’t the problem and his hands are moving towards his head at the same time his shoulders are rotating… I don’t really know a remedy. Hopefully this helps or someone can help you.

It appears to me that when he retracts his glove to his chest, his throwing arm comes back in as well. Both sides seem to mimic each other. When is chest comes outward, his shoulders are going backward and getting compressed inward toward his center line. That’s resulting in his throwing hand getting really close to his head when it should be laid back at max ER.

Earlier in the delivery, he looks really good when his glove arm is extended toward the target.

Another big factor in a lot of pitchers I’ve had with a similar arm motion is that they all seem to have hand break high in the chest or shoulder area. Ideally, the hand break comes at the waist.

When I need a pitcher to keep his glove arm extended longer, I tell him to focus on leaving the glove out there and having the glove be the pivot point that the body rotates around. This also seems to get their upper bodies out over their front knee and aids in trunk flexion as well.

Does any of that make sense? Perhaps someone else can explain it better.

Thanks All, Here is a another angle and slow mo. He and I have looked at video’s of the pro’s and see the arm laying straight back at the top, rather than inward toward neck/head. We’ve tried breaking the hands later and that seems to make it worse.

Any more ideas would be greatly appreciated.

He throws somewhat like a catcher. Short, close to his ear. Also kind of similar to Phil Hughes arm action.

The slow motion video shows his head pulling away from the target and at release almost looking away. This could play a role in his inconsistency.