Ball Tailing

I’m an outfielder, but i figured pitching coaches and experts would definetly know about this

I have a pretty strong arm, i can consistantly throw a one hopper from 225 feet out on a line

But sometimes, my throws tail 40 to 50 feet! It’s impossible to control

It doesn’t always happen, but sometimes when i wait a long time between throws, it really starts to do it

it also happens when i’m tired

So can someone please explain what i can do to stop this completly?

It could be the grip you are using, or just natural pronation.
Some people throw with 3 fingers on the ball to stop this, just something to try.

Try spreading your fingers out a little. That will straighten your throw a bit. If that doesn’t work, just aim the throw offline so that the tailing action will take it to whoever is catching it.

My guess is that you don’t throw over the top. If you throw 3/4 and keep your fingers behind the ball it is going to tend to tail. When you get tired you probably open earlier and your elbow drops resulting in even more tail on the ball. As an outfielder you need to practice throwing so that you get backspin and not sidespin on the ball and you need to throw over the top.

that’s what i figured but i wasn’t sure if it was necessary to throw completly over the top as an outfielder


Make sure you are consistently throwing the ball across the seams ( 4 seams ) , many young fielders just pick the ball up and heave it. Similar to how a basketball player doing catch and shoot drills always brings the ball up to stroke the ball across the seams for good rotation / backspin , a position player needs to be able to do the same … to insure the ball continues on the desired path and stays airborn longer ( or least doesn’t sink faster! )