Ball rotation

Anyone know of a site where you can view the pitch from a hitters view point and actually see the rotation of the ball to help identify pitches as a hitter?

I think user laflippin has examples of ball rotation on his youtube channel.

idk if you already know this or not but this might help a little.

Generally if you see a red dot that means it’s a breaking pitch so wait back, track the ball and hit it. If the ball appears white it’s probably a fastball but keep you’re eyes peeled for a pitcher tipping off a change, a great change is I think the most effective pitch in baseball. And if there’s little spin or no spin it’s either a forkball, split or knuckler. The fork and knuck will probably do some funny stuff and you should wait back and track it’s drop, if it doesn’t drop you should have a solid hit as long as you keep you’re head in, if the ball dances but stays on the same plane you should still be able to hit it. The split will generally just drop and it’s a little harder to recognize, if you see it get ready for that drop, track it and use a slight uppercut if you have to.

If you see two seams like a horseshoe rotating, it is a 2-seam fastball. If you see a red blur, 4-seamer.

A good true curveball won’t have a dot, it’ll be a white ball, just the opposite of a true four seamer. A slider will have a dot somewhere near the middle of the ball.

Adding to this, most curveballs will ‘pop’ up out of the hand at release. A good slider usually comes from the same plane as a fastball.

Thanks Hammer, never heard that before, I was always taught a red dot meant a breaking ball unless it’s a really good one, didn’t know about the “pop” out of the hand. Thank you.