Ball in tha face!:(

well title says enough, got hit in tha face right on my jaw, cant eat atm, docter didnt really knew what it was, cuz the other side of my jaw was bleedinginside tho

We were playing the first team of the league.
first game against them i had to leave cuz sum skool thing for next year(else i didnt had no skool)

atm i left it was 2-2
end of game , we lost with points

so i tought, aah lets get ehm today.
didnt start out as pitching(wtfk lol :P? the starting pitcher is bp, rly)
anyways 2inning, 2 base hit, then catcher missed the ball, so stole 3th.
next pitch same thing, catch didnt do his job, stole home, when i passed home plate(SCORE YAY!) 2 seconds after i got the ball in my face, catcher just threw it. so i had to leave, game atm was 4-3 for us! the lost 18-7 Oo.
Im going to see another docter tmrw, cuz it doesnt feel right, my sum crack in my jaw on the other side.

not even a pitchin injurie!!

Hope ya get better.

Last summer session our catcher throw to stop the steal at third. The kid slid in with his face towards home our third baseman missed. The kid coped it right in the teeth. He lost teeth, broken jaw and cheek.

Hope you recover fast

went to tthe docter this morning, still having problems to eat.
Itseems the ball just hit a muscle wich allows me to chew, or not:P not in this case.

takes a week to recover, but oh well, I dont throw a ball with my jaw eej?
got a game wednesday, and i think im going to training tonight.