Ball in okotoks this summer

this summer i have signed a contract to play for the okotoks dawgs, their website is if anyone wants to look. after the juco world series, i am planning on going down to phoenix, arizona and working with roger to try get my mechanics straight. in okotoks i will be working on them and trying to gain consistency with them. i am either going to be the set up man or closer, but most likely closer. i am also looking to lose weight this summer and get back down to 230, about where i was before school started, and is an reachable goal. as for the world series, we currently are 1-0 in grand junction after beating central arizona and supposedley the top pitcher in the league. we play shelton st. next, who isn’t suppose to be that tough. we should win this game no problem and then face chipola, defending champs, most likely. i am getting the start in that game, which is pretty exciting for me. we are only 4 games away from winning it all and have a great chance of doing it…but this is mainly a summer ball topic so i will get back to this in june when my summer ball team starts up.

Heh, maybe i’ll be able to see you play if i’m in okotoks at all this year, and since the bastards stole westerns from us this year, I hopefully will get picked up on the western team. The unfortunate thing is my team is going late entry due to coaches problems and we will be relegated to teir 2 AA, but if we aren’t relegated i will be in okotoks and sherwood park this summer, i’ll keep my eye on the schedule and see.

college ball is now done and its about time to start summer ball up in canada…first game is june 5th against our huge rivals at home…i got about a week and a couple extra days before i have to get going…i will update and stuff around then, i just wanna relax for a few days after i get home…