BALL...BALL....BALL.....too wild

after my high school season i entered the BAE RUTH league of oakland.
and in high school i could throw a strike whenever.
but now i dont know whats wrong i just cant get the ball over the plate.
i dont know if its because im tring to throw to hard.
what thing should i do to help me with this problem

Are you flying open too early? I think that could be it.

HOLD EVERYTHING! Let’s step back and take a look at the situation. You finished high school and had no problems, but now you’re in a more advanced league, and there are different pressures, so you will have to make some adjustments. It may be that you are indeed flying open too soon—a good idea would be to have a good pitching coach take a look at what you’re doing. Mechanical problems can be resolved quickly, and this seems to be one such. And don’t worry about it. Just go after the problem and take care of it, and you’ll do fine. 8)

I agree with Zita. Find someone to evaluate what you are doing. For me I fixed my mechanics by lowering my shoulder a bit right before releasing the ball. But, that may only work for me. Honestly, try to find someone to check your problem out. I mean, if you had command before, it shouldn’t take long to regain it. Then again…