Balking before coming set

I was under the impression that you really can’t balk before you come set while your hands are still broken. Like being called for a balk while bent over looking in for signs then coming slightly up then coming back in for signs again… what would be a balk before coming set?

Any where you go toward home and then switch and throw to a base or vice versa. That is only if your foot is on the rubber. If your off the mound you can do whatever you want.

I hope you don’t mind my 2cents here. Balks will vary from umpire to umpire, many unsure of the rule themselves. It would be way simpler if they would keep in mind “at all time the umpire must keep in mind the pitchers intent to deceive” This is stated clearly in the mlb rule books. This key point is seldom followed however creating much confusion for us all. I say this as a former umpire and current amature baseball pitcher

Don’t mind at all… I am also an amateur pitcher in a men’s wood bat league but I have a real standard stretch with distinct stop, so I have never really dealt with too many balk calls myself. But I was watching a mlb balk compilation on youtube and so many of the balks were before coming set and most of them you couldn’t even tell the pitcher moved. So my question was really how can you balk before coming set (failing to come set and going to mouth not withstanding)

Thanks dfboiler. You are correct that most balks esp at mlb level are for not coming set. It varies widely from ump to ump and even the same umps from game to game