Ok i was playing babe ruth and it was at the state tourney and im a left handed pitcher. Theres a kid at 1st and im from the strech i bring my leg up and its equal with my back leg so i can pitch or pick him off. I hold it there for about 3 seconds and then deliver home. The ump comes out to me and says that i cant hold it there or else its a balk. Id been doing it for the whole year and had picked off at least 5 kids with that move by them starting to steal or getting them caugh off guard. Never once was it called a balk. So is it a balk if i hold my leg up to long? The ump specificly said that it was cuz my leg was in the air too long.

Theres no time limit for holding your leg up in the air, its not a balk, that ump doesnt know what he is talking about. The only time it would be a balk is if while you were holding your leg up, you exceeded the time limit for that pitch. For example, you might have 20 seconds to make the next pitch once you get the ball back into your glove.

No it is a balk. One day I was bored and found the umpire rule book on the JV coaches desk so I was skimming through it and came across that rule. You can’t stop your leg from moving. If that is what you are describing. You lifted your leg up in the air and just held it their motionless? That is a balk. You have to keep a constant motion.

Bower is right, you can’t completely stop motion with a runner on.

whats up with the asian pitchers holding their legs up in the same spots and not gettin called?

The only do that from the windup, when there’s people on they go from the stretch and don’t do that.

i feel dumb, thank you lol